Весь день не спишь, всю ночь не ешь — конечно устаешь
Кто тут от Мстителей? Тут дают ахрененное!!! Всем читать-смотреть-восторгаться, а потом мне спасибо говорить!:heart:

04.06.2012 в 00:08
Пишет Dr.Dunkelgrau:

Мне влом переводить своё же, я в соплях и страдаю, так что страдайте и вы)))

 It was very wise of you to decide to return. (...) There was something inappropriate in your absence.
- Max Frei, 'The Volunteers of Eternity'.


FIX-IT (fandom term, adj.) - a descriptive epithet for a fan fiction, that fixes something in original, canon version of mentioned events. E.g., fiction can fix marriage, romantic notions, unreleased tension.
Or even death.
COULSON EVENT (fact) - also known as Schrödinger Coulson; the only thing in Marvel's The Avengers you can really spoil.
DOUGHNUT (noun, specific) - also known as 'donut'; a type of fried dough confectionery or dessert food. Symbolizes peaceful eternity in its sweetest form. Fondly associated with better side of Jörmungandr in some religions.

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Worked on this for nearly a month, on my own, after the working hours; still, I hope my lack of time didn't have way too much influence on the quality of the finished story... 
I feel like I need to mention my working soundtrack.
These songs truly helped me in painting this))

Nina Hagen, "Right On Time" [listen here]
The National, "Mistaken For Strangers" [listen here]
Esben and the Witch, "Marching Song" [listen here]
Abney Park, "Evil Man" [listen here]
Katzenjammer, "Land Of Confusion" [listen here
Soul Coughing, "Unmarked Helicopters" [listen here
Tom Waits, "New Coat Of Paint" [listen here]

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2012-06-04 в 07:20 

Bless you with love for the road that you go.
ааа :inlove: спасибо за это :friend:

2012-06-04 в 10:54 

Весь день не спишь, всю ночь не ешь — конечно устаешь

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